How do you check if your puppy weighs correctly?

Maintaining the optimum weight of the puppy and junior black Russian terrier is one of the most important tasks for the owner who wants to enjoy a healthy and active adult black terrier in the future. A puppy that is too obese may have problems in the future with dysplasia, among other things. A puppy that is too thin can, among other things, have a reduced immunity.

photo: Pamela Cave, Astra Fidelis AMAROK, USA

What is the optimum weight for a puppy?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to state in kilograms what the optimum weight of a black terrier puppy is. Every puppy is built differently. The puppy may have thicker or thinner bones, may be very wide or narrow, built like a schnauzer. It can be taller or shorter. Therefore, two puppies of equal age and height may have different optimum weights.

So how do we check if our puppy is at the optimum weight?

Below I describe a method I use that will allow you to quickly and without specialised instruments check whether your puppy is at the correct weight for his age, height and physique by checking the amount of body fat

We can check the fatty tissue very easily by running our finger over the pup's ribs. OK, but how do you determine if the amount of fatty tissue on the ribs is correct? 

We will use our hand as a template for the correct amount of fat on the ribs:


If, when moving our finger over the puppy's ribs, our finger jumps like the bones of a clenched fist as in the picture below, this means that our puppy is underweight. The food dosage should be increased.


If the finger moves over the ribs in the same way as over the bones of the inner part of the hand as in the photo below, this means that our puppy is overweight. The feeding amount should be reduced.

Optimal weight

If the finger jumps over the ribs like the bones of the outer part of the hand laid flat, it means that our puppy is of the correct weight.

The puppy's weight should be checked at regular intervals, preferably once a week.