Black Russian terrier puppy with home delivery in the UK.

I invite you to pick up your puppy at my home, we will talk, have a coffee and you will see how the little one plays with its mother. However, if you are not able to pick up the puppy in person, I can organize door to door delivery of your black terrier puppy to your home. Here are prices to destinations in the UK:

England:  £370-420 
Scotland: £390 - 550
Wales:     £370 - 420
Northern Ireland:   £450

The above prices include door-to-door delivery to your UK home and full export documentation. I organise everything so you don't have to worry about the details. I'm responsible for your puppy during transport, so you don't need to buy separate transport insurance. The puppy will already be out of quarantine, so you will be able to go anywhere with the puppy from day one after arrival in the UK. At this age the puppy is already vaccinated against infectious diseases, so his immune system will be immune enough to visit new places. 

In Europe and the UK I prefer road transport. Puppies travel in a comfortable van, with mandatory stops for a walk and water every 4-5 hours. The van and staff have all the licences and approvals required in the European Union and the UK. You will pay for the transport when you collect the puppy at your home.

Of course you can also come and pick up your puppy at my home or organise transport on your own.

Most of my black Russian terrier puppies go abroad. So I am up to date with the often changing national regulations. For example, the import regulations for puppies in the UK post brexit sometimes change literally overnight, such as the recent change in the time limits for the notification of importation of a puppy, which was changed from 5 to 7 working days, or the complete change of the APHA import notification form from UNN to CHEDA. Some of the paperwork is already done when the puppy is in transit for some shipments to the UK, so in the case of incorrectly completed paperwork e.g. health certificate, export notification, traces etc. a puppy that is already travelling and is e.g. in the Netherlands will not be able to enter the UK.

Correct documentation and meeting all import requirements is paramount if you want to avoid problems at the border. Depending on the country, this could be sending the dog to quarantine, refusing the puppy entry and sending it back to the sender's country or, in the worst case scenario, even euthanasia (Scandinavian countries).

So should you be worried about shipping your puppy? No, you do not need to stress about regulations or documentation. I am responsible for ensuring that all import requirements and regulations are met, that all required vaccinations, dewormings and country specific requirements are given. I check all export documentation and national regulations repeatedly. So I take full responsibility for ensuring that your puppy enters your country with correct and complete export documentation. Remember, not one of the Russian black terrier puppies I have shipped has yet been stopped at the border.

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