Why do black Russian terriers lick their own wounds?

If your dog has a wound it will want to lick it. It may be a shocking sight for the owner, but it's perfectly normal.

Astra Fidelis TORO, author - Peter B., USA

If your black terrier licks its own wounds it may be doing so for two reasons: to clean them and to make it feel better. When a dog or puppy licks a wound, the act of licking stimulates blood flow to the area, which promotes healing. In addition, the dog's saliva contains enzymes that can help clean the wound and fight infection. Licking can also be a way for a black terrier to self-soothe. When a dog is anxious, feeling insecure or in pain, licking can help it calm down.


How to ensure that your black Russian terrier does not lick its wounds excessively

Unfortunately, although a dog's licking of wounds can be beneficial to him, sometimes when it is excessive and violent it can delay healing and cause further irritation. It is important to be aware of this tendency and prevent it if necessary. Things that can help:

  1. Keep the wound clean and dry. This will help discourage your dog from licking and also help the wound heal faster.
  2. Apply a barrier ointment to the wound. This will create a barrier between the dog's tongue and the wound, which will help discourage the dog from licking.
  3. Keep your dog busy with other activities. If your dog is bored or restless, he may be more likely to lick his wounds. Try giving your dog toys or taking him for a walk to help him focus on something else.
  4. In addition, if you notice that the wound is not healing properly or seems to be worsening, it is important to talk to your veterinarian who may recommend other ways to discourage licking or prescribe medication to help ease your dog's anxiety. In addition, he or she can also determine if there is a larger problem, such as an infection, and provide appropriate treatment.