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Training of a black russian terrier.

The Black Terrier loves working with his guide. It is perfect for PT, IPO or obedience training. It should also be remembered that if we want to enjoy the company of our black friend, we should take care of his training as early as possible. The black terrier needs consistency in training, learns very quickly, and remembers perfectly. You often hear "my black terrier reads my mind...", some people laugh that when creating the breed, the Russians added a few human genes... maybe there's something to it. One thing is certain elegant appearance and excellent psyche is a great achievement of Russian cynology. A lot of information about sports disciplines, regulations and dates of competitions can be found here www.zkwp-szkolenia.pl


Choose a trainer carefully so that it does not turn out that your training under the supervision of an untrained trainer brings more harm than good. Uneduishing bad behaviors in dogs, training mistakes is more difficult and much more time-consuming than proper learning based on positive reinforcements-rewards. Ask for the opportunity to participate in such activities before making a final decision. The Black Terrier learns very quickly without the use of any violence, just a piece of tasty mork or a toy and the result is bricked. The basis in training is the absence of boredom and fun. A black Russian terrier does not need many hours of repetition of one action to perform. Better results will be achieved by exercising shorter and more often, preferably several times a day for 5 - 10 minutes.