Feeding the Black Terrier

Feeding a black terrier is one of the most important aspects when it comes to keeping our dogs in excellent condition until old age.


The Black Terrier has a fairly sensitive digestive system, so any novelty in food must be introduced in small quantities and gradually. The quality of food has a very large impact on the appearance of the robe of the chernysh as well as on its health. Therefore, when choosing a method of feeding, this should be taken into account. Currently, we have a huge selection of dry food on the market, manufacturers outdid each other in promoting their products. And we, wanting to choose the best for our wards, sometimes spend hours at computer screens studying the composition of individual feeds. It should be remembered that the fewer artificial additives the better. For those who like to prepare meals for their dogs themselves, a good way of feeding is the BARF diet or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food - a biologically appropriate raw diet. BARF was developed by Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst. The information that has appeared in the books "Give Your Dog a Bone", "Grow Your Pups With Bones" and the latest "Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET" have had a big impact on the way many dogs around the world are nutritioned. I refer you to the page where you can find more information on this subject:  barfworld.  

Black terriers belong to large breeds that grow very quickly at puppy age. Therefore, the composition of the individual nutritional values of the food of young chernysh is very important. A poor diet can lead to curvature, poor build, etc. Gains and weight should be monitored on an ongoing basis, in case of disturbing symptoms, it is best to seek the advice of a specialist. The combination of the demand for individual ingredients in different periods of development of the Black Terrier has been equally thoroughly explained on the pages of the Black Terrier World www.swiatczarnegoteriera.pl

My Black Terriers in addition to the basic meal (which they eat 2 times a day) love fruits and vegetables. Older puppies often pick delicacies straight from the garden: they love raspberries straight from the bush ;-). My Katja can be cut for an apple or a plum. Masha is more fond of raw carrots. And they are all waiting for their piece as I cut a watermelon.